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Just In: Bobrisky Arrested

Nigeria Popular crossdresser , Idris Okuneye Popularly known as Bobrisky has been reportedly arrested by the operatives of the Economic and Financial Crime Commission.

Bobrisky was arrested  yesterday at Pinnock Estate in Lagos yesterday April 3, 2024 at 3pm.

Just In: Bobrisky Arrested

Childhood Flower Girl and Boy Reunite in Marriage: Love Prevails Years Later

In a heartwarming tale of love coming full circle, an unidentified man recently wed the lady who served as the flower girl alongside him during their childhood days. The man shared the story, expressing that their friendship dates back to their early years when they both played the roles of flower boy and girl in a wedding.

The shared photo captures a charming throwback to their preteen years, portraying them as an adorable little couple while fulfilling their roles in a wedding. As fate would have it, years later, they tied the knot as husband and wife, turning their childhood connection into a lifelong commitment.

A more recent photo reveals the couple all grown up, walking hand in hand down the aisle, not as flower girl and boy this time but as husband and wife in their own wedding ceremony. The heartwarming story, shared by Facebook user David Oyase, has garnered congratulations and well-wishes from social media users.

Reactions to the story include playful comments from users, expressing humor and joy at the unique journey of the childhood flower girl and boy now united in marriage. The story serves as a testament to the enduring power of childhood friendships evolving into lifelong partnerships.

Childhood Flower Girl and Boy Reunite in Marriage: Love Prevails Years Later

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