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Oritse Femi’s ex-wife, Nabila reacts to his claim of her inviting 20 friends to beat him up

Oritse Femi’s ex-wife, Nabila reacts to his claim of her inviting 20 friends to beat him up

Nabila Fash, the ex-wife of Oritse Femi, has finally shared her side of the story in response to the explosive claims made by the popular singer.

It may be recalled that during a chat with media personality, Chude, the music star alleged that his former wife had 21 miscarriages while they were married.

The ‘Double Wahala’ crooner also claimed that she invited 20 of her friends, who overpowered and physically assaulted him during their marital crisis.

Reacting in an exclusive interview with Stella Dimoko Korkus blog, Nabila said the accusations are false, and she urged the public to ignore all that her ex-husband said.

The businesswoman asked a rhetorical question about how possible it is that she had 21 miscarriages and is still alive. Nabila also said she does not have up to 20 friends, so the attack he spoke about never happened.

She, however, confirmed that they are divorce and noted that she is currently abroad, working and living her best life.

Nabila said; “How is it possible that I miscarried 21 times and I am still normal? How is it possible that I lost 21 children? Why the lies? Please anyone who listened to his interview should disregard the narrative because it’s not true at all….

This is just a distraction, I am presently out of Nigeria working, so you can imagine the calls and encouraging words i have been getting, I was confused as to what was going on until it was made clear to me what he had said, this is a distraction but a funny one cos its all lies.

We are officially divorced. On March 21, 2024, our divorce pulled through, I am officially divorced and officially single and I am happy and living my best life!

“I don’t even have up to 20 friends and that never happened…..He is not the kind of person that anyone would attack and get away with it, so trust me that it never happened….it is a figment of his imagination.

“My marriage was a nightmare that I woke up from. I don’t believe in running down an ex so I will not banter words. God has blessed me and elevated me and I will not look back in regret. I am not angry and I am at peace.I found closure from all the horrible things that happened. My advice to young ladies is look before you leap cos that jump might land you in deep shit.”



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