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Nigerian man uses juju to boost TapSwap luck

Nigerian man uses juju to boost TapSwap luck

A Nigerian man has taken the TapSwap  game to another level by adopting native charm, Juju, with the aim of winning more coins on the app and turning them into real money at a later time.

This was revealed in a fresh video posted on a page on a popular social media platform.

In the said post, the man was calmly seated on the floor with his phone between his legs, showing the TapSwap game already open.

While at it, he poured some black powder, believed to be native charm or Juju, into his hand and performed some rituals with it.

Later, he poured it into his mouth and drank a sachet of dry gin.

The step taken by the man is believed to boost his luck in the TapSwap game and acquire more coins by using a traditional method to enhance his luck.

In reaction to the video, concerned individuals have taken to the comment section of the post to share their thoughts.

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