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How my husband hired female agbero to beat me – Woman

How my husband hired female agbero to beat me – Woman

In a startling revelation, a Nigerian woman has voiced her intention to seek a divorce from her husband following a disturbing incident orchestrated against her.

The woman disclosed that despite being married for only eight months, her relationship has been marred by turmoil. She recounted a recent altercation with her husband, during which he allegedly orchestrated a dangerous plot against her well-being. Shockingly, she revealed that her husband paid a female tout, locally known as an "agebro," to physically assault her.

Remarkably, the wife emphasized that her husband has never directly inflicted harm upon her, and she has refrained from provoking him. Despite forgiving him after the initial incident and accepting his apology, she expressed dismay at his repeated transgressions.

The revelation has sparked widespread concern and condemnation on social media platforms, with many expressing solidarity with the woman and urging her to prioritize her safety and well-being. As the story continues to unfold, netizens await further updates on the woman's decision regarding her marriage, highlighting the importance of addressing issues of domestic violence and marital discord in society.

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