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12-year-old Russian boy alleged as founder of TapSwap

12-year-old Russian boy alleged as founder of TapSwap

A 12-year-old Russian boy has been reported as the founder of TapSwap, a popular cryptocurrency app that allows users to tap on a game and earn coins that can later be turned into real money.

In a series of posts on social media, the boy, whose real name isn’t yet known, has been rumored to be the creator of TapSwap.

@Babafella2: “So the boy who created the TAP SWAP App is a 12-year-old Russian boy. What could you create when you were his age?”

@itzclarkson: “Breaking News: 12-year-old Russian Boy creates Tap Swap app, gains popularity in Nigeria. OYA, make una continue tapping.”

@AkinBamTips: “TapSwap was created by a 12-year-old Russian boy who did it for homework.”

@sparkle_akoga: “So it is a 12-year-old Russian Boy who created the Tap-Swap App. What is happening to our innovation and creative act?”

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