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Trending: Adanma Luke makes disturbing post as she questions God

Trending: Adanma Luke makes disturbing post as she questions God

 The troubled producer, Adanma Luke, shares a poignant post grappling with her faith as she persists in mourning the untimely demise of actor Junior Pope and the crew members lost in the tragic boat accident.

It's worth noting that following the tragic events in Anam River, Anambra state, the AGN had placed Adanma Luke on indefinite suspension. Allegations were rife, with many attributing blame to her for purportedly failing to ensure adequate safety measures for the actor and the crew.

Read the comments from netizens below:

chyddo said: “People should reach out to her, we cant afford to lose more souls. You cant imagine what she is going through now, if she is my kind of person that blames themselves at everything, she will be having it hard right now.”

oyinlomodiamond said: “Before you say she is playing the pity card, just pray you don’t encounter what is beyond your power. She would never have thought about this and she won’t forgive herself because of this sad incident. My dear Adanma, if you can see this, please do well to forgive yourself, help the families within your capabilities in your own way, move closer to God, leave social media for now because a lot of people are ret@rded and are just looking for who to pour their frustration on. The stigma will be there, but in years, you would heal, not completely, but wholesome. LEAVE SOCIAL FOR NOW FOR YOUR SANITY!”

diaryofakitchenlover said: “Sigh she must be going through so much guilt 😢😢😢”

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