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Tension as hoodlums attack police station in Lagos

Tension as hoodlums attack police station in Lagos

Chaos erupted in a section of Lagos State on Monday when over 100 hoodlums launched an assault on the Ipaja Police Station, leading to a fierce gun battle between the attackers and police officers.

The brazen attack, which occurred in broad daylight, resulted in the deaths of several of the assailants. 

The incident has left residents in a state of panic as the sounds of gunfire echoed through the area. Eyewitnesses reported that the hoodlums stormed the police station, prompting an immediate and robust response from the police. 

The ensuing firefight caused widespread fear and uncertainty among residents in the area.

In response to the violence, police authorities have dispatched additional personnel to the area to reinforce security and restore order. 

The presence of more law enforcement officers aims to prevent further escalation and reassure the anxious residents.

Details of the motive behind the attack remain unclear, but the  Lagos State Police Command has assured the public that a thorough investigation is underway to apprehend those responsible and to prevent such incidents in the future.

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